Coaching can be truly transformational, for individuals, teams and for organisations.

Individual Coaching

Coaching was fundamental to Limelite People Group becoming more than just a dream, whatever your barriers are to living a more satisfying life, coaching can really transform your mindset and help you to achieve your goals. On an individual basis, we can work with you to explore how you are aligning with your values, and to help you achieve your personal goals and feel more satisfied.

We can also work with individuals who are looking for development in the work place, whether that is directly, or through their employer.

Team Coaching

On a team basis, coaching can support an approach where joint objectives are put before individual goals, it can also support a culture of accountability and constructive challenge. This can be complimented with DiSC psychometrics and underpinned with the model of developing a high performance working culture.

Organisational Culture

Embedding coaching as an organisational strategy can have a transformative effect on the culture of an organisation.

It inspires employees to be more empowered to make decisions and come up with creative, innovative solutions. A coaching culture can release managers from micromanaging and allow them to focus on the strategic side of their role, encouraging team members to bring solutions not problems and to be in charge of their own development.

An embedded culture of coaching compliments many contemporary leadership theories and high performing cultures. In organisations with a coaching culture, employee involvement is high, learning and development is self directed, innovation is nurtured and decision making is devolved. There is much research to link these practices to higher profits and engaged workforces.

Supervision for Leaders and HR

We provide a unique service for leaders and HR professionals, providing an impartial and professional outlet on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. This ‘supervision’ is based on coaching, mentoring and resilience coaching practices and aims to provide pro-active support to maintain a healthy senior workforce.

  • Lisa's fresh approach to all aspects L & D and HR is entirely different to anything I had experienced before, she has a passionate commitment to inclusive leadership which ensures high levels employee satisfaction and engagement whilst maintaining efficient and cost effective working practices. Lisa is a very personable and down to earth person who I am sure would fit into any organisation effectively for short or long term project/consultancy work. Lisa is an impactful coach, trainer and senior leader, she is organised, efficient and actually great fun to work with!
    Heather Brown
    Head of Curriculum, Fircroft College
  • We have worked closely with Lisa over the past year and have always found her to be professional in her approach, passionate about her work and highly supportive to others. Bursting with great ideas, a keen collaborator and clearly extremely skilled in her role, Lisa has been a joy to work with. In our experience, she is consistent in her values and always determined to achieve high standards. Highly recommended
    Dr Jo Burrell
    Clinical Psychologist and Director, Ultimate Resilience
  • Lisa and I have worked together for almost 2 years. During that time she has demonstrated she is professional and innovative, not only managing HR matters but also setting up and leading the Employee Voice Team and Middle Managers’ team at Fircroft College. Lisa always thought ahead with what the college might need to support staff, depending on the climate at the time, and was quick to introduce to the college professional development and individual resilience sessions when COVID struck, which received great feedback, helping to keep employees focused and present. Lisa has helped to create an inclusive culture at Fircroft College, encouraging adherence to the college’s mission, vision and values, not being afraid to address issues that may not be aligned. Lisa is knowledgeable about a wide range of HR topics and I have no doubt she will lead the Limelite People Group to great success.
    Penny Shinfield
    Marketing Manager, Fircroft College
  • I can honestly say that working with Lisa benefitted me in so many ways!! I was always quite lacking in confidence, unsure of my professional identity and I was never really clear about my own career development needs. Lisa must have seen something in me that I didn’t; she supported me to identify my strengths and use them proactively and effectively and this has undoubtedly contributed to my own career progression and clear sense of professional identity. As well as this, Lisa enabled me to work on my own areas in need of development (especially my leadership skills). I have grown in so many ways professionally and I 100% know that Lisa played a pivotal part in this. I really am very grateful!
    Angela Bate
    Curriculum Manager, Fircroft College